This is a great article in USA TODAY about us. We were listed with some of the country’s best vegetarian restaurants including Millennium (San Francisco), Green Zebra (Chicago) and Counter (New York).

Cafe Sunflower in USA Today

10 great places to eat with an easy conscience
By Shawn Sell
Friday, October 1, 2004

If you’ve ever looked at cows and felt guilty or realized that the bacon you ate for breakfast was from an animal smarter than your pet pooch, you might have the sense and sensibility to become a vegetarian. Vegetarianism has come a long way, baby greens, from the tofu days of Birkenstocks and communes, says Val Weaver, editor of Vegetarian Times magazine. “Vegetarianism has become almost mainstream, and it’s definitely upscale.” says Weaver who, along with the world’s millions of vegetarians, today celebrates World Vegetarian Day. Here, she shares with USA TODAY’s Shawn Sell favorite spots at which to veg out.


Cafe Sunflower

“A cute, relaxed place with friendly service, sane prices and very good food, including Jamaican black bean cakes, stuffed acorn squash and the ‘World’s Best Soy Burger.’ From the start, there’s been so much to like that Atlanta now supports two Sunflowers.” 404-256-1675;[See the article at USA TODAY]